Server Update

So yh, sorry about the lack of posts in the last *runs off to check when last post was* 10 days. I’ve been occupied with Bad Company 2 quite a lot and I’ve been going out with friends a lot more recently (we finished school yesterday so I should have some more time on my hands from now on) But I haven’t been ignoring Minecraft, just not posting anything about it. Today’s post is going to be a kind-of overview of the stuff I’ve built on the new server map over the last week or so.

A New Map 1

This is my “base area” I suppose you could call it, my house is atop the hill and the building to the right is an automatic wheat farm.

A New Map 2

The house I built is the same house (with a few changes) as the one I showed in my last post. I’m not going to show off the insides, if you want to see what it looks like just go to my last post.

A New Map 3

Downstairs is a small mushroom farm, with a mineshaft in progress on the right and an idea from Iced_Apple on the left – a tunnel sysetem joining all of the houses in the area together for easier access at night for example. But that is still being constructed, I might show that in another post when it is finished.

A New Map 4

And finally my wheat farm, it is automatic and rather stylish if I must say so myself 😀 To harvest you just have to flick the lever, this opens a piston which lets water run down the channels of crops and harvests them. It then pushes the wheat and seeds down to a collection point next to the door.

A New Start

Once again, sorry for not posting much in the last few days. Just got GTA 4 working on my pc and have been playing that for a while. Still got around to some Minecraft though. Just going to be a quick post because I’ve got to start getting ready (going camping with some friends tomorrow)

Cool World 1

So the other day I made a new world to make a entry for this competition (mine is the Night – Time Railway one. Go and vote it up :D) But anyways, I made a world for it and it turned out like this:

Cool World 2

Cool World 3

All from a random seed as well, no input from me here.

Cool World 4

Cool World 5

As soon as I saw these sights I duplicated the world and set off to make my entry. I returned to the world the other day and found a place for my home. Probably not the most exiting place, I moved away from the massive cliffs and settled down over here.

New House Outside 1

New House Outside 2

New House Outside 3

Don’t really know why but I just wanted a normal house for now, I might move into one of the cliffs in the future. The house took a couple of Minecraft days to complete (as you can see I still need to make some more glass for one of the windows, and make some furniture and such to decorate this inside a bit more) At least it’s liveable.

New House Inside 1

New House Inside 2

As I said I’m going camping tomorrow so don’t expect any posts for a while (not like I’ve kept to my post every-other day schedules lately anyways)

Farm Survival

I started a new map earlier (Farm Survival v4), for a couple of reasons really. I’m having trouble with fraps video (meaning the Minecart series is delayed for a bit) so I decided to do this instead of let my blog run dry. And also I downloaded the Baby Animals mod and I thought that will make this a little more fun than usual (allowing for animal farming as well) The GLSL Shaders mod has just updated as well and I spent about 20 mins earlier getting that to work and I like it quite well, in the pics you will notice that I have a shaders pack with depth of field which adds a nice touch to Minecraft. But enough chit-chat, lets get going!

Minecraft - Farm Survival Challenges

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Starting to document my Minecraft adventures . . .

Earlier today I decided to start posting about the things I do in my current Minecraft world. I will probably be posting here a lot more frequently than uploading videos to Youtube.  So check back here more often if you want to see new content. Don’t think I’m giving up on Youtube or anything, I’ll still post videos of the more exciting things I get up too and the odd tutorial. (Also remember to leave a comment somewhere with any videos you would like to see me make)

Ok, lets get started!

I have had this world for about a week now and have been adding to my house bit by bit. I was looking for a paticular place to build a house on, a sandy beach with maybe some grass (if there was none I could easily plant some with the expanded farming mod) and I wanted this sandy area to be not that far away from spawn. After creating world after world I remembered making a world to take some pics of a zombie (to use on a birthday card for a friend) and loaded it up. I enabled no-clip to take a look at the surroundings and spotted this massive beach.

Flying View Of Beach


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