The Minecraft 1.6 Update + Building a Temple Part 1

Wow, the changelist for 1.6Ā is pretty amazing. Aparently about 108 lines long acording to Notch’s last tweet. Most of them are quite small fixes but there are some main additions and some big fixes in there.

Tall, grass, Nether in SMP, Hatches, and one that a lot of constructors in Minecraft have been dreding would one day come – Fixed minecarts next to each other causing extreme velocities (sorry!) As you can probably tell Notch knows that would annoy a lot of people. He did make up for it by making the current booster/powered rail tracks more speedy which is nice because they were a bit sluggish in my opinion.

Moving away from the updates and back to my blog, me, Burnt and Tatty are working on the server on some sort of temple thing. None of us are really sure what is is going to be yet. All we know is that at this rate it is going to end up gigantinc. We flattened out an area yesterday and moved aproxemtly 42 stacks (2,688 blocks!) Which is a massive amount. We did that in a hour or so. We also built a circle that has a diameter of 31. Me and Tatty started to fill the whole thing with still water which took a while but it looks pretty cool. I don’t think Burnt apporves, he said the circle was too small anyways so oh well šŸ˜€

Here are some pics of our progress so far:

Mincraft - Building The Temple 1

Mincraft - Building The Temple 2

Mincraft - Building The Temple 3

Mincraft - Building The Temple 4

Mincraft - Building The Temple 5


Marking out the road

Today I got a free pass for killing floor off a mate (thanks Sqiglesheep!) so I’ve been playing on that for a bit lately and I’ve got to admit its is pretty cool – a bit like Left for Dead if you ever played any of them. I’ve also discovered quite a cool game called Ace of Spades which ish like Minecraft, just with guns. The object of the game is to get the enemy intel whilst defending yours. But you can also build with blocks kinda like Minecraft. This adds a lot more tactic to the game, stuff like building amazing bases orĀ tunnellingĀ under the enemy to make their intel drop right into your tunnel (works rather well I must say so myself) So yh. Also I did the art test I’ve been doing prep work for yesterday so I should be able to play Minecraft a bit more frequently now. But onto some Minecraft.

Minecraft - View From The Island

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Starting to document my Minecraft adventures . . .

Earlier today I decided to start posting about the things I do in my current Minecraft world. I will probably be posting here a lot more frequently than uploading videos to Youtube. Ā So check back here more often if you want to see new content. Don’t think I’m giving up on Youtube or anything, I’ll still post videos of the more exciting things I get up too and the odd tutorial. (Also remember to leave a comment somewhere with any videos you would like to see me make)

Ok, lets get started!

I have had this world for about a week now and have been adding to my house bit by bit. I was looking for a paticular place to build a house on, a sandy beach with maybe some grass (if there was none I could easily plant some with the expanded farming mod) and I wanted this sandy area to be not that far away from spawn. After creating world after world I remembered making a world to take some pics of a zombie (to use on a birthday card for a friend) and loaded it up. I enabled no-clip to take a look at the surroundings and spotted this massive beach.

Flying View Of Beach


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